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What are some inventions from North Carolina?

North Carolina has many great inventions that most people are unaware of. Some of these inventions are the Gatlin Gun, ear muffs, Put Put (Mini Golf) Pepsi, and even Krispy K (MORE)

Why were North Carolina and South Carolina founded?

Eight English Noblemen were assigned rights to the Province of  Carolina. These eight Lords Proprietor set about colonizing  Carolina and designing laws. The settlers did no (MORE)

Distance from North Carolina to South Carolina?

Depends... if its like Columbia to Charlotte, it's really far, like 2 and a half hours by car. If you're in Carowinds, you can walk across the foot wide line that borders the (MORE)

When did South Carolina separate from North Carolina?

They divided in 1712. Carolina began as a proprietary colony, that is, one owned and operated by private individuals instead of the government. In the case of Carolina these (MORE)
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Why did North Carolina succeed?

The issue was put to a statewide vote, and the eligible voters chose secession. The eligible voters were white males, who owned property. By the time the referendum could be h (MORE)