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What is knowledge?

Knowledge is any discrete or abstract concepts of natural or supernatural phenomena assimilated & recorded as thoughts by the human cognitive neural cortices matrix domain. (MORE)

What is product knowledge?

An understanding of a good or service   that might include having acquired information   about its application, function,   features,   use and support requirement (MORE)
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Is scientific knowledge proven knowledge?

This is a complex question. The quick and dirty answer is a resounding 'no'. This does not mean that there is no such thing as scientific progress. Science itself is a heurist (MORE)

What can you do with knowledge?

Answer : Knowledge is a discrete or abstract concept of natural,un-natural or supernatural concept/situations assimilated & recorded in the human cognitive neural cortices m (MORE)
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What is the knowledge of Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management deals with all the knowledge assets of the organization. It encompasses knowledge held at the individual and organizational level, and includes both usefu (MORE)

Is it knowledge of or knowledge in?

You can use both. You can use "knowledge of" when you are saying that you have the knowledge of something specific. You can use "knowledge in" when you're talking about a vast (MORE)