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Do Buddhists have priests?

No. Men who dedicate their lives to a Buddhist monastic way of life are Monks and women are Nuns. Any person with sufficient knowledge can lead a Buddhist ritual. Monks or N (MORE)

What is a Buddhist?

Buddhism is a family of beliefs and practices, considered by many to be a religion. A Buddhist is one who takes refuge in The Three Jewels: the Buddha (the Awakened One), the (MORE)

What is Korean?

anything pertaining to Korea Korea has long history over 5,000 years. 2,000 years ago they are called as in many names, Koguryo, Baekje, Balhae, Silla, Xiongnu, Turks, Hun (MORE)

What is sculpture?

Sculpture is a three dimensional art form. The medium for sculpture is varied including paper, clays, junk, stone, wood and any other object that can be made into an artistic (MORE)

What is a sculpture?

A sculpture is a three-dimensional form made from clay, stone, metal, and other material. Sculptures can be large or small and some are realistic. to sculpture something
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Do Buddhist have a hierarchy?

Yes, in a sense. There is the hierarchy of monks (and nuns) and  householders (or laypeople).    There is also a hierarchy in another sense. The Buddha spoke of  five (MORE)

What are the commandments of the Buddhists?

I hope I can be of some help. Many different schools of Buddhism have emerged sine the Buddha planted the seed of the practice 2500 years ago. I follow the Zen school of Bud (MORE)

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