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Does Kukai like Amu in Shugo Chara?

Kukai is one of Amu's love interests. Kukai responds to her crush most of the time. It is not yet known whether Kukai loves Amu, but their is a romantic relationship between t (MORE)
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Does kukai likes utau?

Well, it is not known for sure. But, it turns out they've been hanging out ever since they met. Their competivness is also a key factor to some chemistry. Kukai doesn't have t (MORE)
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Does Kukai like Yaya?

Nothing is for sure yet... but what I'm sure about is that Kukai and Yaya are best friends, or at least good friends.I'm hoping for some serious KukaixYaya action soon.. no Ut (MORE)
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Is yaya in love with kukai?

I wouldn't call it love, but it seems Yaya looks up to him as a big brother type of person.
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When does Nagi put the girls uniform on kukai an tadase?

He puts it on them in episode 57, Nagi puts the girls uniform on them because Kukai asked "How did you manage the whole short skirt thing?" so Nagi gets the purple flame aroun (MORE)