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What is the RDA of proteins?

The recommended daily amount of protein depends on a few things  such as age. Adult men should be consuming 56 g of protein per day,  while adult women should consume 46 g a (MORE)

What is the RDA of zinc?

The most important consideration is to get reasonably close to one seventh as much copper as zinc in the diet. Those two interfere with each other. I had a well liked relative (MORE)
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What does rda mean?

Recommended daily allowance - how much of eat type of food (i.e. salt, fat, sugar etc) it is recommended you should not exceed each day.
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What is the rda for carboydrates?

130 g per day for both females and males. Fiber, which is a complex carbohydrate: 25 g/day for females and 38 g/day for males. Above numbers are for an average person and wil (MORE)