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Who is Dr Edward E Hubbard?

Dr. Edward E. Hubbard has been recognized and acknowledged as the Pioneer and Founder of the Diversity Measurement and Diversity Return on Investment (DROItm) Fields: Dr. Hubb (MORE)
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Was Elbert Hubbard and L Ron Hubbard related?

Yes, by adoption. According to the Roycroft website. L Ron Hubbard's father was adopted into the Hubbard family, and Elbert was his uncle by adoption.

Who is L Ron Hubbard?

He is deceased now, but he was a science fiction author, and the founder of the religion Scientology.
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What is a Hubbard contingency?

  Answer     Hubbard Clause Contingency         A clause in a property purchase contract that protects a buyer from having to close on the purchas (MORE)
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Who is Chaplain Ron L Abbott?

Chaplain Ron L. Abbott, M.Div., Ph.D. Hypnosis Success Coach Board Certified Clinical - Medical Hypnotherapist Hypnotic Anaesthesiologist Pain Management Specialist Smok (MORE)
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What were L Ron Hubbard Pseudonyms?

Rene Lafayette, Legionnaire 148, Lieutenant Scott Morgan, Morgan de Wolf, Michael de Wolf, Michael Keith, Kurt von Rachen, Captain Charles Gordon, Legionnaire 14830, Elron, Be (MORE)

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