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Who is Dr Edward E Hubbard?

Dr. Edward E. Hubbard has been recognized and acknowledged as the Pioneer and Founder of the Diversity Measurement and Diversity Return on Investment (DROItm) Fields: Dr. Hubb (MORE)

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Who is Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is currently (was in the past (2008)) a Republican congressmen from Texas. He ran as a Republican in the Republican primary. In the process he raised millions of doll (MORE)
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Was Elbert Hubbard and L Ron Hubbard related?

Yes, by adoption. According to the Roycroft website. L Ron Hubbard's father was adopted into the Hubbard family, and Elbert was his uncle by adoption.
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Who is L Ron Hubbard?

He is deceased now, but he was a science fiction author, and the founder of the religion Scientology.
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What is a Hubbard contingency?

  Answer     Hubbard Clause Contingency         A clause in a property purchase contract that protects a buyer from having to close on the purchas (MORE)

Who is Ron Waddell?

    Ron Waddell is a sportsman in the field of Showjumping. He is also a registered breeder, trainer and racer of Thoroughbred horses.   Ron is located in Benalla, (MORE)

Who is Ron Varney?

Ronald Varney Fine Art Agents works with estate lawyers, trust companies, investment banks, private wealth management firms, business advisors, family offices, accountants, mu (MORE)

Who is Ron Brunk?

Ron Brunk is an eccentric entertainer, singer, guitarist, and artist; and a prolific writer of songs, poetry, short stories and novels. Much of his work is considered "undergr (MORE)