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What does the term laissez-faire mean?

The term comes form the French words "laissez faire" which means  "let/permit doing". (I.e. someone should permit someone else to do  what they want.)    It has come (MORE)

What is the role of government in a laissez-fair economic system?

The role of the government is very limited. The literal translation from French is "let be". The government in this system strictly provides a legal system where property righ (MORE)

What is laissez faire theory?

Laissez faire refers to a type of government theory. It states that  a government runs more smoothly when the leaders approach it with a  hands-off style.

What was one outcome of laissez-faire?

Some of the outcomes of laissez-faire economics were:    Businesses pay workers low   Pollution of air and water   Poverty traps that cannot be escaped through free (MORE)

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