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What is the History of Sturgeon In Lake Erie?

this is all I knnow that the sturgeon were massively overfished until the late 1980's and damming and habitat destruction have contributed to the decline. BUt increased sighti (MORE)

Who has swam across Lake Erie?

FIRST TO COMPLETE Pat Budney Aug 20th 1975 Long Point, Ontario to Presque Isle State Park - Beach 10, Erie, PA (The beach is now named BUDNEY BEACH in his honor) (est. 26 mi (MORE)

Is Lake Erie a man made lake?

No, it is a glacial lake. Lake Erie formed from thousands of yearswhile glaciers advanced and retreated across the land. This made 5basins which filled with water over thousan (MORE)

Are there sharks in lake Erie?

It is possible for Bull Sharks to live in Lake Erie. They have been  found in Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, and the Mississippi River.  because they can control the amount of sa (MORE)

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