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Is mascara harmful to your lashes?

  Mascara contains petrolatum which make your eyelashes thinner in the long term. To prevent mascara from running, it contains laquer which is also used in paint and varni (MORE)

Do horses have eye lashes?

  Yes, they do.   Yes, horses have eyelashes that cover their eyes much like humans. The eyelash of a horse prevents small debris and insects from landing on the horse' (MORE)
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Does Eva la rue smoke?

Yes she does smoke! Eva La Rue was actually a non smoker until joining CSI Miami. Quickly making friends with actress and heavy smoker Emily Procter. Spending more and more ti (MORE)

Lash in a sentence?

You didn't say which meaning of the word you wanted to use. Lash can be anything from a hair growing out of your eyelid to a blow from a whip. It's also a verb. Here are some (MORE)

How many lashes did Jesus receive?

Jesus received 39 lashes. Jesus would have received 39 lashes as this was the Jewish law: Deuteronomy 25.3. Forty stripes he may give him, [and] not exceed: lest, [if] he shou (MORE)
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What is Rue Cler?

  It's a cobbled pedestrian street in Paris, lined with shops, fruit and flower stalls and boulangeries.
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How do you do valve lashings on a Chevy 350?

you need to have the vehicle running. loosen the rocker arm until you hear it start to clack around. then you tighten it until you hear the clack stop and the you are done. (MORE)

Who Will Portray Clarisse La Rue in Percy Jackson?

Bridgit Mendler. Even though she looks nothing like her... No not bridget mendler. She didn't even audition. I was recently at a place where rick riordan was having an inter (MORE)
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What kind of character is Mademoiselle La Rue in charlotte temple?

Mademoiselle La Rue is a very negative influence on Charlotte. In  looking over the novel, many of the issues that led to Charlotte's  demise can be directly linked to the a (MORE)