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What was the importance of Hammurabi code of law?

Hammurabi code of laws had a big impact then and now. Back in the Babylonian empire, his code of laws helped the people with every part of their daily lives. They knew what wa (MORE)

What was the Justinian code of law?

The Justinian Code of Law consisted of a number of laws developed  during the supervision of Emperor Justinian I. The â??Code mainly  consisted of collections of past laws (MORE)
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Where is Hammurabi's Code of Law located?

Hammurabis code of law is a series of laws he made for his city 2 follow and if they did not follow them the punishments were very severe //// this answer is wrong its is aski (MORE)
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Who wrote the first code of laws?

Hammurabi, of the first Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is now part of Iraq, Iran etc.

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What was the basis of Hammurabi's code of laws?

It was based on "an eye for an eye". Although, the punishment is different for different classes of offenders and victims. Each part describes in detail a crime or Incident, a (MORE)

What was the goal of napoleonic code of law?

The goal of the Napoleonic code of law was to create a uniform law  for the whole country of France. The code was established under  Napoleon I.
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What happened in 1649?

The commonwealth period when there was no kings or queens and parliament and oliver cromwell took over until cromwells death when Charles 2 came back
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