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Earl of Essex 1642-1649?

Elizabeth I chopped off the Earl of Essex's head because she had a soft spot for him and she didn't want to fall in love because she said she was married to England.
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Why was Justinian's code of law important?

It was important because before the Justinian Code it was hard to  enforce the Roman Laws so they made the Justinian Code the basis  for the legal systems of most modern Eur (MORE)
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What is Hammurabi's law code and why is it important?

The Code's importance as a reflection of  Babylonian society is indisputable. Hammurabi's laws were  established to be the "laws of Justice" intended to clarify the  rights (MORE)

What are differences between code and law?

Especially in common law systems like the United States, the term "law" is much broader than "code." "Code" only refers to statutes passed by the legislature and promulgated (MORE)

What happened in 1649?

The commonwealth period when there was no kings or queens and parliament and oliver cromwell took over until cromwells death when Charles 2 came back
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Romans first code of law?

The Romans' first code of law was called The Law of the Twelve  Tables. This was instituted in the time of the emperor named  Justinius. Thus, this law is often called Justi (MORE)

Who abolished Christmas in 1649?

  Oliver Cromwell,   It is a common myth that Cromwell personally 'banned' Christmas during the mid seventeenth century. Instead, it was the broader Godly or parliament (MORE)
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Why did Hammurabi create law code?

He noted that cruel kings had a short reign so  he wrote the first set of laws codified in one volume of laws.  Because of Hammurabi's reputation as a lawgiver, his depictio (MORE)