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What are leaves for?

Plants use a process called photosynthesis in order to change sunlight into food. This process takes place mostly in the leaves of a plant. Leaves are large and flattened so (MORE)

Why did she leave you?

The natural reaction when someone leaves you is to blame yourself. You wonder what you said or did that sent the other person away. The other reaction is to blame the other (MORE)

Can you leave?

well from what i heard there are different ages in different states in Georgia you have to be 18 if your under 18 you have to have both parents consent or you have to take the (MORE)

What leaves do?

Leaves are the main component of a plant that takes light energy, converts it into chemical energy (sugar), and delivers the sugar throughout the plant through "veins" called (MORE)

Where are leaves for?

leaves give trees energy from the sun, using photosynthesis. They do this using chlorophyl, which makes most leaves appear to be green. Leaves that appear red just mean that t (MORE)

How do you get her to leave him?

Hmmm...depends. Some girls listen to people when they say things like "you need to leave him" or "he ain't no good for you at all." But there are some who just don't. I don't (MORE)