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What are some lenders that offer home loans?

I heard Ditech offers low mortgage rates on purchase or refinance home loans, your payments won't change after you refinance or buy a home, no matter how much rates fluctuate. (MORE)
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What are some lenders that offer mortgages?

Some lenders that offer mortgages are Mountain America Credit Union, Legacy Mortgage, Wells Fargo, Livingston Mortgage, Utah First Credit Union, Security Quest Financial Servi (MORE)
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Which lenders offer the cheapest fixed rate mortgages?

According to Money Supermarket the cheapest fixed rate mortgages in the UK at present are available from the Chelsea Building Society, NatWest and the Yorkshire Building Socie (MORE)
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What lenders in VA offer refinancing options?

There are several lenders that offer refinancing in Virginia. One possible online option is a company called VA Loans. They offer affordable prices for refinancing. Another op (MORE)
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Where can one find lenders that offer asset based loans?

Asset based lending refers to lending to someone and securing the loan against an asset such as a Business. Examples of lenders that offer asset based loans are First Capital (MORE)
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How many banks lenders offer commercial loans?

Nearly every major financial institution offers commercial loans. To find out if you qualify for a commercial loan, arrange a meeting with a financial at one of the banks, su (MORE)
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What documentation does a lender usually require before offering financing?

Thedocumentation needed for a loan application varies lender tolender. It's difficult to particularly layout each requirement, butwe are able to share several things to forese (MORE)