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Which women had lengthy stays in space?

NOTABLE STAYS IN SPACE BY WOMEN. The "second woman in space" Svetlana Savitskaya , spent a total of 19 days visiting the Soviet space station Salyut 7, during two missions A (MORE)

How do you keep a lengthy convo with a guy?

If you actually want to talk, find something you are both interested in, like movies, bands or such. It has to be something you can both talk about, or something he's interest (MORE)

Does you need to pray in a lengthy way?

You absolutely do not need to 'pray in a lengthy way'. Here are some of the shortest prayers that many people say: . Amen. . God! . Praise God! . Help me! . Please, God (MORE)
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What is the adverb for lengthy?

The adverb is the rarely-seen lengthily . Normally thismeaning is expressed by the adverbial phrase "at length." Theadverb long can also be used (e.g. a change longanticip (MORE)