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What is a Lenovo thinkpad?

The ThinkPad is a brand of laptop computer manufactured bu the Lenovo company. There is also a new lenovo tablet in the works also to be branded as a ThinkPad.
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What is the slogan of lenovo?

There are two slogans for Lenovo, the first one is, "Lenovo, For Those Who Do". And the second one is, "Lenovo. New World, New Thinking." Both can be found on their website in (MORE)

What is mission statement of Lenovo Group?

Our mission: to innovate for customers.  We are now one company with one goal: To build the best, most innovative products in the world. To use world-class economics to put n (MORE)

What is Vision of lenovo?

  Lenovo strives to be a new world company that makes the world's best-engineered PCs for our customers.
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What does the Lenovo ThinkPad do?

The Lenovo ThinkPad is simply a brand of laptop computer so it can perform all the normal laptop functions. There are several different versions with special features, such a (MORE)