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How long is Le Tour De France?

23 days which includes 2 rest days The Tour is broken up into 21 stages (town-to-town over a 3-week period), and throughout the years, the standard mileage has been between (MORE)

Le numero de telephone de undertaker?

le numéro de téléphone des pompes funèbres - the telephone number of the undertaker le numero de telephon de Robert pattison
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What does des and les mean in English?

they both are placed before plural nouns les means the (plural) and sometimes is omitted in english like: English people are tall : les anglais sont grands The last 3 days (MORE)

What is le chanson de roland?

"La Chanson de Roland" is an epic poem written in the 12th century, using the form of French that was spoken in England at the period. It is the first of its genre, and depict (MORE)

Who compete in le tour de France?

    The people competing in the TdF are all professional cyclists, arranged in teams. It doesn't have to be the same teams every year, nor will the teams have the same (MORE)

What is le Tour de France?

The Tour De France The Tour De France is annual Cycle race taking a route around France It is raced by Professional Cycle Teams each having a Sponsor. The Tour De Fran (MORE)
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What does le tour de France mean?

Usually it's the name of a hugely popular multi stage bicycle road race stretching over three weeks. "Tour de France" means touring France. Not in a tourist way, but to tour (MORE)