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Is there a minimum age for transgender surgery?

Well, an adolescent cannot normally legally consent to their own surgery before the age of 16 - prior to this they typically require the consent of their parent or guardian, u (MORE)

What was the 'pride' in Pride and Prejudice?

  The "Pride" in Pride and Prejudice relates back to mainly Mr. Darcy's pride, but also a little to Elizabeth's. Mr. Darcy is too proud to aqqaintence himself with the Ben (MORE)

Can you become transgendered?

  No. No more than you can become Spanish or grow a third eye. Being transgendered is not a choice, it's not a disease, it's not an illness. It's just describes a differen (MORE)

What is the pride in Pride and Prejudice?

Some people think of the pride as being Darcy's attitude about his family and his position in society. But I think Lizzy had a problem with pride as well, and this is mentione (MORE)

Are giraffes bisexual?

Giraffes are not technically bisexual. Rather, male giraffes will  sometimes engage in snuggling or other mating behavior with other  males, but all of them eventually go on (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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What type of work does a transgender person do?

The same work as any other person. However - a female to male  trans-gender might have difficulty performing hard labour jobs due  to reduced muscle strength. (I'd like to a (MORE)