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What are the 5Cs of credit?

5 C's of Credit refer to the factors that lenders of money evaluate to determine credit worthiness of a borrower. They are the following:. 1. Borrower's CHARACTER. 2. Borrow (MORE)
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What is another name for leydig cells?

the interstitial cells.they can be called that too,but they were named first by the professor leydig who discovered them and who was born in the 1850 s,and they are derived fr (MORE)
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What does 5c stand for?

The Iphone 5C is Iphone 5Colorful 5c can also stand for thenumber 500 ("c" is the Roman numeral for 100) or for 5 degreesCelsius (centigrade) . +++ . "5c" can not stand fo (MORE)
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What are the function of Sertoli cell and Leydig cells?

sertoli cells have receptors for FSH and testosterone.After combining with FSH sertoli cells,stimulate the first halfof spermatogenesis.subsequently testosteronesertoli cells (MORE)
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What animal is on a 5c coin?

There are multiple animals on 5 cent coins depending on the country and time period such as the Buffalo on the US "buffalo nickel", the Beaver on the Canadian nickel, etc.
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What is 5c in milliliters?

5cc? cc means cubic centimetres which is equal to ml, so 5ml. if you mean cl, then that is equal to 50ml
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What movie and television projects has Deborah Leydig been in?

Deborah Leydig has: Played Margaret Birnbaum in "JAG" in 1995. Played Woman in "7th Heaven" in 1996. Performed in "Mercury Rising" in 1998. Played Pleasent in "Lamb" in 1998. (MORE)
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What has the author Franz Leydig written?

Franz Leydig has written: 'Die Hautdecke und Schale der Gastropoden' 'Zelle und Gewebe' 'Naturgeschichte der Daphniden' -- subject(s): Daphniidae 'Die Anuren Batrachie (MORE)