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What is a libertarian?

A libertarian is a person who believes in the doctrine of freewill. It is also known as classical liberal perspective forindividual well-being, prosperity, and social harmony. (MORE)

What is Libertarianism?

It is the philosophy that a person has the absolute rights to theirown person. That they are free to do what they wish as long as itdoes not harm another person. A libertarian (MORE)

What is a civil libertarian?

It is unclear where or how the term 'civil libertarian' actually came about. The term is mostly used by people who are attempting to describe other peoples politics of which t (MORE)

What do the Libertarians believe?

To put it simply, Libertarians believe that you have the right to live your life as you wish, without the government interfering -- as long as you don't violate the rights of (MORE)

What do libertarians stand for?

Libertarians believe in SELF-government, and in personal freedom. Governments in general are a necessary evil, to be tolerated and strictly limited. Personal freedom should to (MORE)

Are libertarians prolife?

Libertarians are for ultimate personal freedom with the least amount of government control. Therefore a libertarian government would not interfere in someones choice in having (MORE)

What are the libertarians?

Basically, it's the combination of being fiscally conservative and socially liberal (keeping government out of things as much as possible). However, it isn't anarchy. Libertar (MORE)
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What does libertarian stand for?

They stand for lower taxes, less government regulations, pro-life stances, legalizing drugs for consenting adults, right to guns, freedom of marriage, and the least amount of (MORE)