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Is a license to operate a motorcycle needed in addition to a regular driver's license?

Yes, in most U.S. states and foreign countries you need a separate license to operate a motorcycle. A separate written test is required, and some U.S. states also require a ri (MORE)

Do you need a motorcycle license in Michigan to operate a 150cc scooter or will a driver's license suffice?

Yes, from the research I have found online (im looking to buy one myself) any scooter/moped over 50cc requires the motorcycle endorsement, insurance, and a helmet in michigan. (MORE)

How can you get license for Hajj tour operator?

The requirements for the Hajj tour operator are; 1. A registered travel agency which has an IATA MEMBERSHIP. 2.A bank account in U$ dollars. 3. A tax clearance from your home (MORE)

What is the cc rating for a moped operator without a license in Indiana?

In Indiana you might find it hard to find transportation if you do not have a drivers license. However, there are opportunities out there for you. You can purchase a gas frien (MORE)

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