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What are facts about Liege Victor Collette shotguns?

%DETAILS%    Answer   Apparently Victor Collette was not a prolific gunmaker. I can only find one other reference to his work. That is a pinfire revolver, so appare (MORE)

What is The Battle of Liege in the World War 1?

  Answer   The Battle of Liege took place from Aug. 5-16, 1914, in Belgium. The Germans marched through neutral Belgium on their way to Paris. They thought they would (MORE)

What does liege mean?

A liege was someone who owed a duty of service to a lord in feudal times (middle ages) although it could also mean the lord himself.   A liege lord was the lord to whom you (MORE)

Liege XV111 black powder pistol whats it worth?

  What you have is a replica, my father in law has one. At first I thought it was authentic but after further investigation I discovered it is not. The liege is European a (MORE)

Who was lief ericson?

Leif Ericson was a Norse explorer who likely reached the shore of  North America about 500 years before Columbus. He lived from about  970 to 1020 AD.
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What does To serve the liege lord in valor and faith mean?

it basically means to serve with courage (valour) and to not  question (faith) so basically to do what you are told even if you  don't agree with it and to do it with all th (MORE)