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Why is food vital for life?

It gives your body and its organs nutrients which make it thrive and function properly
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Why vital force theory is finally discarded?

The vital force theory was a theory presented  by Berzelius. The 1809 theory stated that organic compounds could  not be synthesized in a laboratory. The German Scientist  (MORE)
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What is the noun of vital?

Noun forms for the adjective vital are vitalness and vitality. Another noun form is vitals, a word for organs of the body that are essential to life, such as heart, brain, l (MORE)
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How is vital force theory?

Vital Force Theory is a theory made by the Scientist Berzelius in 1809 which assumed that organic compounds are only formed in living cells and it is impossible to prepare the (MORE)
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What is vital registration?

vital registration is concerned with the recording of key life cycle or vital events,
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What is a vital contributor?

A vital contributor is someone who contributes necessary  information. This could also be referring to a monetary donation, a  vital contributor could be one who donates a l (MORE)

What is vital force?

The definition of vital force is the soul, or the spirit or energy  that animates a living creature. It is a hypothetical force that is  independent of chemical or physical (MORE)