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Why is food vital for life?

It gives your body and its organs nutrients which make it thrive and function properly
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Why vital force theory is finally discarded?

The vital force theory was a theory presented  by Berzelius. The 1809 theory stated that organic compounds could  not be synthesized in a laboratory. The German Scientist  (MORE)
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How is vital force theory?

Vital Force Theory is a theory made by the Scientist Berzelius in 1809 which assumed that organic compounds are only formed in living cells and it is impossible to prepare the (MORE)

What is the vital force and organic compound theory?

The Vital Force Theory (Was Prep.. By Swedish Scientist (1806) Berzeluis That Considered In The Living Organism And Found Inside Animal Or Plant Origin ,Found In The Living Ce (MORE)

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What is vital force?

The definition of vital force is the soul, or the spirit or energy  that animates a living creature. It is a hypothetical force that is  independent of chemical or physical (MORE)
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Who purposed vital force theory?

Dr. Hahnemann firstly proposed the theory of Dynamism and suggested  for the force of life as 'vital force'.    Substance of subsistence   Deo favente, Genetics, ne (MORE)