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Why is Lily Allen famous?

She is a recording artist, singer-songwriter, talk show host, and actress. However, she has become more known for her antics and behavior than for her music due to her outspok (MORE)
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Who is lili-anne Rachel Allen?

Lili-anne Rachel Allen is a daughter from the Allens family .She is Simon Allens daughter.And Chantel Quinns daughter

Did example and lily Allen used to go out?

No. They were on-off friends when their careers were only starting  up. Elliot has said before that he was confused by the way she  treated him, saying that one minute she a (MORE)

What is a lily pad?

  a lilly pad is a big circular leaf/plant that grows at the bottom of the pond or lake and grows up to the surface of the water. frogs like to sit on them
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