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What are calories?

A calorie ('c') is a unit of measurement of the energy contained in food. One Calorie ('C', not to be confused with '°C' as in 'degrees Celsius') is equal to 1kcal, or 1,00 ( Full Answer )
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What is a calorie?

answer :A calorie is a unit of measure used to describe theenergy in food. It is defined as the amount of heat required toraise the temperature of 1kg of water 1 degree Celsiu ( Full Answer )
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How much weight will you lose by limiting yourself to 250 calories a day and when you weigh 112lbs?

It is all depending on how overweight you are, if you are, and how much you are eating right now.. If you are significantly overweight you will lose a lot of weight quickly. ( Full Answer )
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What do calories do?

Give you energy, however if you do not burn them they stay on as fat
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What Is 'Calories'?

1 calorie is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperate of 1 litre of water by 1 degree c
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What is calories?

it is a unit of measurement THE CALORIE IS A PRE-SCI (the International System of Units is the modern form of the metric system and is generally a system devised around the co ( Full Answer )
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What is the calorie?

amnt. of energy required to raise the temp. of one gram of water by 1 degree celsius
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What can calories do?

calories are energy. food contains calories, so when you eat food, the calories within the food power your body.
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What is in a calorie?

Although the term calories is often used as a unit to measure theamount of food or fat, the actual definition is quite different. Acalorie is the amount of heat energy needed ( Full Answer )
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What is a calorie-?

Calorie is defined as a unit of heat that is used to indicate theamount of energy that food will produce in the human body.