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What are the qualifications for aircraft engineer or aerospace engineer?

Answer In the US, it only requires a Bachelor of Science Degree in a related field of Engineering. also in England you need physics and maths In the UK: You need 5 GCSE's at (MORE)

How much money do aerospace engineers make?

The amount of money that aerospace engineers make may vary  depending on their experience and the company they work for. On  average, they will earn about $85,000 per year.
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What should you do to become aerospace engineer after std10th?

Take Physics, Chemistry and Maths as compulsory subjects in your 12th.You should take maths, science (especially physics), and computer programming classes and join any techno (MORE)

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Can aircraft engineer be an aerospace engineer?

Typically, no. An Aerospace Engineer and Aircraft Engineer are 2 different things in the same category. An Aerospace Engineer works on designing, creating, and brainstorming i (MORE)
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What is needed to get a bachlors in aerospace engineering?

  If you want to be an aerospace engineer, you should probably actually set your sights on a master's degree, not a bachelor's degree. Aerospace engineers take full and (MORE)