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What is the difference of a Catholic school from a Christian school?

The Catholic Church IS the Christian Church founded by Christ Himself with St. Peter being the first Pope. A Catholic school is the definition of the Christian school. .   (MORE)

What does Christian Brothers CFC mean?

The Christian Brothers are a religious group of brothers founded in Ireland by Edmund Rice. They were founded for the education of poor boys and eventually ended up running sc (MORE)

Are Edge and Christian brothers?

No they are not blood brothers. Edge was born on 10/30/1973 and Christian was born on 11/30/1973. They are bff (best friends forever). They met each other in 1984 because Ad (MORE)

Are the Jonas brothers still christians?

They are still true to their religion although, being superstars, Sundays (which is when they go to church) are usually always booked with things that need to be done. So I do (MORE)

What is the Congregation of Christian Brothers?

  What is a Brother?     As members of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, founded by Blessed Edmund Rice, we are lay religious, who profess vows of poverty, c (MORE)

Is a Catholic school a Christian school?

Technically, yes. But some people believe that Roman Catholicism  and Christianity are not the same.   Catholic Answer   Yes, of course a Catholic school is a Christi (MORE)