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My father was awarded a Bronze Star during World War 2 why isn't his name listed on the recipient list?

There is no complete or comprehensive listing of US medals below the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Marine Corps Brevet Medal. Your father's name is not likely to appe (MORE)

Is there a list of recipients who were awarded purple hearts in World War 2?

From what I can gather, records during WW 2, Vietnam, Korea are sketchy at best. The Purple Heart was sometimes awarded on the spot, and not always noted in journals. No list (MORE)

What are the Grammy awards?

The Grammy awards are talent recognition presentations given out by  the recording academy of the Grammy foundation. Grammy Awards are  meant to appreciate the contribution (MORE)

What does Hall of Fame get you?

Being a member of the Hall of Fame has no monetary reward. However, it does mean that you are recognised as one of the greatest players or managers ever as there are less than (MORE)

How many players won the MLB Rookie of the Year award and went on to the Hall of Fame?

Through the 2010 Hall of Fame elections, 14. 1) Combined leagues RoY - Jackie Robinson (1947). 2) National League RoY - Willie Mays (1951), Frank Robinson (1956), Orla (MORE)

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