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Locomotion of giraffe?

The locomotion of a giraffe consists of two gaits. Giraffes either  walk or gallop. When galloping, this animal maintains its balance  through the back and forth movement of (MORE)
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What is fictive locomotion?

Fictive locomotion is motor movements that do not require any feedback. Typically, when you make a motor movement like walking, it requires sensory information through vision (MORE)

What is the locomotion in arthropods?

Arthropod locomotion varies depending on the environment.  Arthropods have legs for walking and perching; flight-capable  insects use wings; aquatic arthropods often have sw (MORE)
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How do plants locomote?

Plants are able to bend or grow towards a stimulus (e.g. sunlight). The growing towards a stimulus is maintained by production of growth hormones which are produced due to sig (MORE)
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What is the locomotion of a jaguar?

(1)Tire quickly at top speed; typical sequence: walking then breaking into a full charge for 7 to 30 meters (23 to 98 feet) (2)Like most big cats, jaguars enjoy water. Jaguar (MORE)
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Can a builder put a lien on a property if money is put in escrow until the builder completes his punch list?

Sure. A lien is just a notice to the county recorder that the builder has a financial interest in the property. Putting the lien on the property just assures that the property (MORE)
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What is the locomotion of a shark?

Swimming is the method of locomotion used by sharks. They use the  thunniform form of undulatory locomotion, which is considered the  most efficient form of aquatic movement (MORE)

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