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What are locomotives used for?

locomotives are used to propell railcars. They can be in a push or pull mode. Locomotives are generlly diesel or diesel electric. If a locomotive starts to lose its propullsio (MORE)

What does locomotive mean?

Basically two meanings: (1) related to movement, (2) an engine that pulls several wagons that move on rails. feather-edge
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What is camel's locomotion?

Normal movement is a Pacing gait -   One foreleg and one hind leg on same side of body move forward  together, followed by legs on other side.
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What is the locomotion of a clam?

they whats called a "foot",so the foot slips out of the shell sticks to the sand and then it contracts pulling the clam forward
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Is there locomotion in plants?

yes there is locomotionin plant because plant have benn observed to unbergo some kind of crawling movement,e.g. creaping plantlike potatoe, melon, pmpkin,e.t.c.
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What is the locomotion of volvox?

  Volvox rotates on the longitudinal axis as it swims through the water. This is due to the fact that the flagella usually beat diagonally backward.
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What is the locomotion of a roundworm?

  "They (roundworms) lack circular muscles but have lengthwise muscles. As one muscle contracts, another muscle relaxes. This alternating contraction and relaxation of mus (MORE)
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Can a builder put a lien on a property if money is put in escrow until the builder completes his punch list?

Sure. A lien is just a notice to the county recorder that the builder has a financial interest in the property. Putting the lien on the property just assures that the property (MORE)

What is the locomotion of a stingray?

The movement of a stingray is accomplished through rajiform  locomotion, which generates thrust by undulatory waves passing down  the enlarged pectoral fins. The movement is (MORE)