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Who are the minor characters in Out of the Dust?

Mr. Noble (pg. 6) Mr. Romney (pg. 6) Livie Killian (pg. 8) Arley Wanderdale (pg. 10) Mad Dog Craddock (pg. 10) Mr Hardly (pg. 17) Mrs. Brown (pg. 81) Miss Freeland (pg. 83) Co (MORE)

What is a minor character in literature?

  Minor characters are the people in a story who are not the main point of the story (for instance, not the person who the story is happening TO), but still interact with (MORE)

List the eight minor plates?

The eight minor tectonic plates are not typically shown on the  major tectonic plate maps. They are the Arabian Plate, Caribbean  Plate, Cocos Plate, Indian Plate, Juan de F (MORE)

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