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How do you make a wish list on American girl doll com?

Once you're at the American Girl website, click on 'shop'. Near the top of the page, you should see eight rectangular, pale pink boxes- dolls, bookstore, clothing, furniture, (MORE)

List of winners of American Idol?

The winners of Ameican Idol are :   Season 1 (2002): Kelly Clarkson   Season 2 (2003): Rubin Studderd   Season 3 (2004): Fantasia Barrino   Season 4 (2005): Ca (MORE)

What did the Portuguese do?

The portuguese were the first explorers of the Atlantic Ocean and in great length, the Indian Ocean, where they made settlements, specifically in Brazil, Cape Verde Islands, A (MORE)

What is 'How are you' in Portuguese?

The Portuguese equivalent to the English question 'How are you' is the following: Como vai voce; or Como vas? The Portuguese pronunciation is the following: KOH-moo veye* voh- (MORE)
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List all American states?

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California,Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, M (MORE)

In which South American country is Portuguese spoken?

Portuguese is spoken in the South American country, and former Portuguese colony, of Brazil. In fact, Portuguese is the country's official language, and the language spoken by (MORE)

What documents did Americans deal with the complaints listed in the Declaration of Independence?

When the U.S. was founded, they fixed all the problems listed in  the Declaration of Independence in the Constitution. The  Constitution ensured that their rights were prote (MORE)

What is portuguese?

Portuguese is a great language! I have been speaking it since the  age of 2! We are very similar to the Italian and the French but  personality wise they are closer to the I (MORE)

What is the largest South American country in which Portuguese is spoken?

Portuguese is spoken in the South American countries of Argentina and Uruguay. For there's a lot of traffic back and forth over both countries' borders with Brazil. And in bot (MORE)