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What is Shinto?

Shinto is a polytheistic religion in Japan. They believe that everyone and everything has a soul. They teach respect for nature, the love of simple things, and the concern of (MORE)

Who is the prophet of Shinto?

Shinto is a very strange religion, it technically has no main prophet of which its teachings are based off of. Shinto has been around since around 500 BC, and probably earli (MORE)

Why do Buddhists have shrines?

A Shrine, whether it is a public shrine or a private shrine room, is used as a place of meditation and dedication to the ideals set forth by The Buddha.
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Who is the founder of Shinto?

Early history . Most scholars agree that there was at least one migration from East Asia and perhaps another from Central Asia to the ancient Japanese Archipelago , th (MORE)

Shintos build shrines to worship gods called?

There is no such thing as a Shinto god. There are, however, Kami, which are more like feelings or spirits than gods. (The kanji, or Chinese character, for "kami" loosely trans (MORE)

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