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What is lithuanian?

Lithuania is country near the Baltic sea. Its neighbours are: Latvia, Poland, Russia and Belarus.
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What are Lithuanian religions?

The major religion in Lithuania is Catholic, about 79%. There is also a healthy population of Russian Orthodox members. At least 15% if not more.
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How do you say Lithuanian in Lithuanian?

"Speak Lithuanian" would be "Kalbek Lietuviskai", "I am Lithuanian" would be "As esu Lietuvis/Lietuve". There are accent marks to be kept in mind, but they are not shown here. (MORE)
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What do Lithuanians wear?

Lithuanian clothing is similar to that worn in other European nations. The Lithuanian national dress is only used in special occasions, and consists primarily of linen weavi (MORE)
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Why is lithuanian language named lithuanian?

the lithuanian language is named lithuanian because the language is named after its contury like in engaland they speak english and in spain they speak spanish so in many cont (MORE)
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Where is Lithuanian spoken?

Answer: Lithuania.... Lithuanians are the primary speakers of Lithuanian. However, people around the world learn the Lithuanian language out of interest, love of their heritag (MORE)
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Who is leader of Lithuanian?

Lithuania is Semi-presidential republic, so there are three main leaders: The President - Dalia Grybauskaitė The Prime Minister - Andrius Kubilius Seimas (parliament) (MORE)
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Was Lithuanian a ship?

Perhaps you're thinking of the liner Lusitania which was sunk by German submarines during World War One.