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Are lithuanians considered Russian?

No! Lithuanians are an entirely different nation. Lithuanians are Baltic, whereas Russians are Slavic, so they're not the same.
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Is there a Lithuanian language?

Yes. Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuania. The language, closely related toLatvian, although they are not mutually intelligible. Like Gaelic, Basque and Finnish Li (MORE)

What is the meaning of each color on the Lithuanian flag?

  Lithuanian's flag colors are based on the country's traditional national dress - the yellow stripe represents the sun, Lithuania's fields of wheat and prosperity; the gr (MORE)

How do you translate The Lord's Prayer in Lithuanian?

 Tėve Mūsų, kuris esi danguje!  Teesie šventas tavo vardas,  teateinie tàvo karalystė  Teesie tàvo valià,  Kaip danguje, taip ir žemėje.  Kasdienes mūsų dú (MORE)

How do you say you are very beautiful in Lithuanian language?

In Lithuanian language "you are very beautiful" is "Tu esi labai grazi" (for female) and "Tu esi labai grazus" (for male). Pronunciation: "Tu esi labai grazi" - "To esi la (MORE)

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How do you say you are beautiful in Lithuanian?

  If it's for a girl, you would say "Tu esi grazi", if it's a boy, you would say "Tu esi grazus." The "z" in "grazi/grazus" makes a "zh" sound.
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How do you say Lithuanian in Lithuanian?

  "Speak Lithuanian" would be "Kalbek Lietuviskai", "I am Lithuanian" would be "As esu Lietuvis/Lietuve". There are accent marks to be kept in mind, but they are not shown (MORE)

Why is lithuanian language named lithuanian?

the lithuanian language is named lithuanian because the language is named after its contury like in engaland they speak english and in spain they speak spanish so in many cont (MORE)