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How to fix power door lock?

2001 GMC Serria, power door locks.Driver side works perfect.Passager side does not.Pushing switch either side locks driver door but not passenger door.What is wrong

How do you fix the power locks?

check wiring in door most likely broken inside protective cover when opening and closeing wires will get brittle wiht age and crack or just could be the relay.

Can you fix a broken lock?

Answer . Anything Can be fixed, just depends on how it's broken and what kind of lock. Door lock, each part should be available for replacement. This is true for just ab (MORE)

How do you fix a power door lock?

The first thing to check is the switch. You can check it with a multimeter device with a continuity checker or ohm meter. The switch is usually on the door handle and in most (MORE)

How do you fix locked truck wheels?

Make sure you've got enough air in the system, first of all. If the brakes are released and the wheels are still locked, it's either wheel bearings, the differential, the tran (MORE)

How much is it to fix car locks?

That would depend on several factors. The location of the lock and what need to be done. Is the problem the lock itself or the linkage connected to the lock ( as in a car door (MORE)
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Who fixes locks?

A locksmith you can look them up in the yellow pages, depending on what type of lock you need fixed.

How do you fix your computer from locking up?

This depends on what is causing the lockup. This can be anything from a virus to failing hardware, without seeing what the laptop is doing when it locks up and how its locking (MORE)