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What is logical printer?

A logical printer is a type of "virtual printer"; asking one to "print" a file will convert the file to another type you desire, and save it in a specified directory or immedi (MORE)

What are the advantages of TTL logic family?

TTL Logic   To know about the advantages of TTL logic family, one should have a basic idea about RTL, DTL etc. Diode logic (DL) uses diodes to implement logical functions (MORE)

Which logic family has the least propagation delay?

Here are the propagation delays for these gates   a) ECL = 2ns   b) TTL = 1.5-33ns depending on the type of TTL. Conventional TTL is 9ns, Advanced Schottky TTL is 1 (MORE)

What is Logic?

Logic is the science of correct thinking. A classic definition is new and necessary reasoning. It's new because you didn't know the item before, and necessary because a corr (MORE)

What is the differences among TTL and CMOS logic families?

Power:- TTL 5v, CMOS 1.8 to 15v. TTL much more power hungry than CMOS. CMOS more susceptible to static than TTL. CMOS power required is small especially when static and increa (MORE)