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The Grus Americana belongs to which species group invertebrate animals or ferns or nonflowering plants or birds?

The Grus americana does not belong to any plant groups, flowering or fern. It's an animal, as the scientific listing below indicates. The Kingdom is "Animalia", meaning that (MORE)

What is an s wave?

    Are the second type to be recorded. They are transverse waves which cause sideways and vertical shaking of the rocks. S waves cannot travel through liquids
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Que representan los colores de la bandera americana?

Posee dos colores: el azul cielo y el blanco. La franja vertical blanca entre las dos celestes representa el hecho de que el país se encuentra entre el océano Pacífico al O (MORE)

9 P in the S S?

9 P. in the S. S. equals 9 planets in the solar system EDIT: Which is no longer the case, as Pluto has now been classified as a dwarf planet.
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What is a s corporation?

An S corporation is one that passes corporate income, losses,  deductions, and credits to it's shareholders. The shareholders then  list these ups and downs on their persona (MORE)

Who is S Bros?

  s bros full name is super smash bros. and it is a video game the best video game in the world to be exact
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What s a settlement?

A settlement is when you decide to not go to trial & to settle for money instead. It's possible they could lose more if they go to trial. So they offer you money, you' (MORE)
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What is 9 s by a S I T?

9 saved by a Stitch In Time meaning a stitch now will save having to do 9 stitches later; from the expression 'a stitch in time saves nine'.
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Scientific classification of Agave americana?

Scientific classification of Agave americana -   Kingdom - Plantae   Subkingdom - Tracheobionta (vascular plants)   Superdivision - Spermatophyta (seed plants)  (MORE)