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How much is a entire set of 1962 encyclopedia Americana worth?

This is going to be hard to hear and you're not going to like it: It's worth nothing. The value of an encyclopedia is that it presents you with facts about the world. An o (MORE)

Value of Americana Series Vanishing Classics coin collection?

From what I've found, this collection contains one each of a 1943  steel Lincoln cent, a buffalo nickel, a Mercury dime, a Standing  Liberty quarter, and a Walking Liberty h (MORE)

Que representan los colores de la bandera americana?

Posee dos colores: el azul cielo y el blanco. La franja vertical blanca entre las dos celestes representa el hecho de que el país se encuentra entre el océano Pacífico al O (MORE)

Who company made the americana series coin collections?

  The data I have with my Americana Series: U.S. Presidents coins states that this one was put together by The Kennedy Mint.   Not sure how much it's worth. Never took (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in La ragazza americana - 2011?

The cast of La ragazza americana - 2011 includes: Dante Biagioni Samuele Boncompagni Nino Bontempo Simona Caparrini as Carla Roberta Cartocci Mauro Chechi Massimo Corvo as Mon (MORE)