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How much is a entire set of 1962 encyclopedia Americana worth?

This is going to be hard to hear and you're not going to like it: It's worth nothing. The value of an encyclopedia is that it presents you with facts about the world. An o (MORE)

Value of Americana Series Vanishing Classics coin collection?

From what I've found, this collection contains one each of a 1943  steel Lincoln cent, a buffalo nickel, a Mercury dime, a Standing  Liberty quarter, and a Walking Liberty h (MORE)

Que representan los colores de la bandera americana?

Posee dos colores: el azul cielo y el blanco. La franja vertical blanca entre las dos celestes representa el hecho de que el país se encuentra entre el océano Pacífico al O (MORE)

What you think Pax Americana might mean?

In the 50 years before the Jesus Christ was born the Roman Empire  was in age of glory under Augustine. The Roman Empire believed it  was the sole survivor with the right to (MORE)

What is Americana quality?

It's part of the goal of the company Americana, to try to produce  high quality products. Whether they succeed in this goal, or what  level of quality they have reached woul (MORE)
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Scientific classification of Agave americana?

Scientific classification of Agave americana -   Kingdom - Plantae   Subkingdom - Tracheobionta (vascular plants)   Superdivision - Spermatophyta (seed plants)  (MORE)