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How is loretta claiborne inspiration?

She showed that you can overcome obstacles holding you back in life. She showed that even though she had an "individual difference" she could still do things that other people (MORE)

Does Loretta Lynn live in Nashville?

No, Loretta Lynn does not live in Nashville. She lives at 44 Hurricane Mills Road in Hurricane, Tennessee, not far from Nashville. Loretta Lynn lived from 1932-1948 on Butche (MORE)

Does Loretta Lynn have a granddaughter Megan?

Yes, she does. Megan is Patsy's daughter...Patsy had three children Darren, Megan and Anthony...Peggy has two, her daughter, Jasy, from her first married to Jimmy Collins and (MORE)

What is Loretta Lynns nickname?

She's known as the Coal Miner's Daughter, the First Lady of Country Music, and the First Girl Country Singer. If your looking for the most popular name, it's by far Coal Miner (MORE)
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Is loretta devine married?

She is married she was engaged in 2001. And she has 1 son but I forgot what his name was.