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What is a lousy person?

Kristincandy3's Answer . A lousy person is a mean, or miserable. Don't think you are a lousy person because we are all God's children deep inside. The world loves you!!! EXCE (MORE)

The Theme of The Leap By Lousie Erdrich?

It is a tribute to her mother who was a blind trapeze artist, or rather it is an expression of gratitude to her parents for giving her the gift of life. It is quite a moving s (MORE)

What is the opposite to lousy?

Lousy can apply many things that it is helpful to see it in a sentence to determine an opposite.. The weather was so lousy that the picnic had to be cancelled.. The weather (MORE)

What did lousis Pasteur invent?

The process of pasteurization, as well as curved-neck flasks to inhibit the growth of bacteria--showed that dust carries microbes. He was also a main contributor to the vaccin (MORE)

What is the root word for lousy?

Louse is the root word. The plural is 'Lice'. Unclean, unkempt persons can become infested with lice which are parasites and live off the person by sucking blood and/or eating (MORE)