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What is a lousy person?

Kristincandy3's Answer  A lousy person is a mean, or miserable. Don't think you are a lousy person because we are all God's children deep inside. The world loves you!!! EXCEP (MORE)

The Theme of The Leap By Lousie Erdrich?

  It is a tribute to her mother who was a blind trapeze artist, or rather it is an expression of gratitude to her parents for giving her the gift of life. It is quite a mo (MORE)

Where was lousie 16th beheaded?

King Louis XVI was beheaded on the Place de la Revolution (formerly known as Place Louis XV), currently known as Place de la Concorde.
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How do you get an apartment with no job and lousy credit?

you can't Answer Take any job that you can get--it is a survival job. Then, find a roommate to rent from--and always pay the rent without any excuses about being short thi (MORE)
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What is the root word for lousy?

Louse is the root word. The plural is 'Lice'. Unclean, unkempt persons can become infested with lice which are parasites and live off the person by sucking blood and/or eating (MORE)