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What is true love?

True love is when you love that person for who they are, faults andall, you put that person's happiness before your own even if itbreaks your own heart. When it's true love, i ( Full Answer )
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What is a true love?

Answer See 1st Corinthians 13:1 - 13.. another answer (the above paragraphs are quite beautiful); true love for me is deeply caring for the other person, how they feel, he ( Full Answer )
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When is it true love?

Be careful of confusing 'love' with lust or infatuation - as both of these are temporary (and they will eventually fade).. True love has less to do with emotion (coz , let' ( Full Answer )
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Do you have a true love?

Okay, Yes I did have a true love and I really honestly did adore him although most people called him "Basketball-Head, George," I still loved him. But I dumped him as soon as ( Full Answer )
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How can a love be true?

if that person gives you affection back to you and is loving and cares about your feelings. Always wanting to be with you but will give you our own personal space. But some ( Full Answer )
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How true love can be?

That's a battle between you, and someone else, but real true love you typically always experience, from friends, and family, love is one rather hard topic, love: you stick aro ( Full Answer )
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How can you a true love?

hmmm... true love is complicated. most people dont find true love for various reasons, but when you are young you usually think you have found true love and it turns out the a ( Full Answer )
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How is the true love?

If you are really truly in love, no matter what happens, you guys will be together. You know how people divorce and stuff? That's not love. Love is so much greater than all of ( Full Answer )
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If it is your true love?

To know whether it is true love you have to pay attention to howthe person treats you. With a man he will behave in a specific way,instead of telling you he loves you all the ( Full Answer )
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What is true love about?

True love is about loving one another. It means that you will cheat or disrespect your partner. Love has its up and its downs but if you really love that person you can get th ( Full Answer )