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What is the difference between a love story and romance novels?

according to Nicholas Sparks, romance novels "all essentially the same story: You've got a woman, she's down on her luck, she meets the handsome stranger who falls desperately (MORE)

Can love be a theme of a novel?

  Yes, it can. There can be several plot lines based around the theme 'love'.   Such as:   * Unrequited love  * Cheating/affairs  * Forbidden love  * Love triangl (MORE)

What does the sentence 'Your love is like bad medicine' mean?

This is the refrain from the Bon Jovi song Bad Medicine. The rest of the line continues, "But bad medicine is what I need." The singer is saying he knows that his girlfriend (MORE)

What does it mean when your wife of 7 years says that she loves you but is not in love with you?

\n. \nProblem is routine life style.. When you get too comfortable with marriage, you tend to drift away from what made her fall in love with you in the first place. \nWome (MORE)

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