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What is lycanthropy?

There are a few correct answers for this question. They are as follows: Definition: Lycanthropy is the ability to transform one's body to a wolf /wolf like creature or to ga (MORE)

Is lycanthropy real?

Many people, out of pure fear of the supernatural, would say no it is not. The truth is, lycans, or lycanthropes, are, as many things are, unexplainable by science. Some say i (MORE)

Where does Lycanthropy hail from?

Lycanthropy is derived from King Lycaon who was king of Arcadia. In ancient Greece there were isolated pockets of Aboriginies (people who possessed the land before the Greeks) (MORE)

How do you treat lycanthropy?

Clinical lycanthropy is a rare psychiatric condition which involves a delusion that the affected person can or has transformed into an animal, or that he or she is an animal. (MORE)

How can you get lycanthropy?

get bit/scratched by a werewolf or do a werewolf spell from youtube Lycanthropy is a practics that is almost religious. You must be bor a werewolf. but if you areinterested t (MORE)

How do you cure lycanthropy?

Lycanthropy (also known as becoming a werewolf) is not a commonly accepted disease in most Western countries and therefore no consideration is given to cures. The following (MORE)

What is Tarantism and lycanthropy?

Both tarantism and lycanthropy are illnesses developed after being  bitten by an animal; the former is a real condition and the latter  is a mythical one. Tarantism is madne (MORE)
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What is the common name for lycanthropy?

Lycanthrope is a word better known as werewolf which is from the Greek language. Lycanthropy is the ability for a human to change their appearance into becoming a werewolf. (MORE)