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What color rose is the symbol of eternal love?

The color of rose that is the symbol of eternal love is the white rose. The white rose can also have other symbolic meanings such as innocence and purity.
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What does eternal love mean?

Love can last for eternity if you save it in a time capsule. So that even if you pass away, your love will remain for eternity. Everyone is free to request a love time capsule (MORE)

What is eternal life and love?

The only life and love that can be eternal is a life that is lived for God alone. He offered us that gift, as his dearly loved children. John 17:3 . Now this is eternal (MORE)

Short story of eternal love?

Roars of the night. Sleepy city, thick fog on the horizon. The life is dead. I contemplate the horizon at midnight on the beach near the darkness house. I live the night in se (MORE)

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