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Who are the 3 main people who have received the Victoria cross?

The Victoria Cross is the highest award for valour within the armed forces of the British Commonwealth. It has been awarded 1,356 times. As it is the highest award of its kind (MORE)
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What does DRLC MAIN on a sony strd590 radio receiver?

DRLC (Different Room Link Control) which lets you setup an optionalremote control receiver in another room, and connect it to an inputjack (that doesn't exist on my unit). If (MORE)
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What is the main receiver for sound?

The main receiver for sound is the ear. For those who cannot hear well, they may use hearing aids or they may be able to have the problem surgically treated. It depends of the (MORE)

What are receivables?

The Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule is a useful tool\nfor analyzing the aging of your accounts receivable. Analyzing the \nschedule allows you to spot problems in account (MORE)
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What are the main uses of Denon receivers?

Denon is a Japanese company originally established in 1910. Denon has a long standing reputation for producing high-end Audio Visual receivers. Denon receivers mainly target (MORE)