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What are bouncy castles?

A bouncy castle is something you use at partys or used for kids at parks and fairs and for fun. A bouncy castle is made with thin flexable plastic and air.
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Can obsidian be bouncy?

I doubt it. Obsidian is a very hard, glass-like black rock that can be split to give a very sharp cutting edge.
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Where can you get a bouncy ball?

walmart + toys r us You can aslo get them at Old Navy for 25 cents and those are the best bouncers.
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How bouncy is a bouncy ball?

It can vary with different specimens, all the way from slightly to quite. True but to be more breed specific you would have to check with the BBA at www.friendsofallkinds.wee ( Full Answer )
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Why is a bog bouncy?

Bogs are made of layers of rotting and decomposing plant matter (reeds, grasses, leaves) which are partially immersed in water. This forms a wet sponge of material which parti ( Full Answer )
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How do you get bouncy the moshling?

Everybody is a lier there is NO such thing as BOUNCY the only secret moshlings are LADY GOO GOO and ROXY! 2 more are coming soon
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How does a bouncy egg?

to make a bouncy egg..... leave it in a bowl or a cup of vinegar for more than 2 Day's vinegar should be above the egg.. don't move the cup again and again.. notice After some ( Full Answer )
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What factors affect a bouncy ball from bouncy?

The factors that affect the bounce of a dropped ball include...... the height from which it is dropped; the force applied to it, if any, when dropped; the acceleration of grav ( Full Answer )
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Where can one rent bouncy houses and other bouncy inflatables?

Bouncy houses and inflatables are one of the hottest party options for children's parties and block parties. Since they are regionally located, the best way to find a rental c ( Full Answer )
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Why is polymer bouncy?

Rubber is especially bouncy because of its wrinkled chains betweensparse crosslinks. The crosslinking prevents the material being aliquid. The chains become almost linear when ( Full Answer )