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How did Mama Cass die?

Answer   Unlike the rumor that was spread along time ago and that has seem to stick. Mama Cass did not die choking on a ham sandwich the coroner's report stated she died (MORE)

Who is wife of Kans Mama?

Born Kamsa in Hinduism, "Kans Mama" had two wives. Upon the advice  of an advisor he married Asti and Prapti, the daughters of  Jarasandha, King of Magadha.
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Can you eat mama noodles uncooked?

Mama noodles are not healthy because they can cause cancer if you put the broth,but yes you cAn eat it uncooked it is healthier and delicious.
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What is MAMA cycle?

  The "MAMA" cycle is a pattern for positive identity, which stands for moratorium - achievement - moratorium - achievement. James Marcia's Identity moratorium is "the s (MORE)

What is a baby mama?

It is a slangy way of saying "Baby's Mama." It just means the mother of your child. it means my baby's mother its a term that came out of the ghettos or "hoods" of America it (MORE)

How do you say mama in hawaiian?

Makuahine is the Hawaiian word for Mother. For a less formal word, just use Mama.
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