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What is a small manly dog?

Boston Terrier all the way! they are fun, and don't look tiny and scrawny, but have a very solid build to them and they aren't yippy, barky dogs. Very cool, i think they look (MORE)

Why does the eagle clutch a scroll on the presidents sea?

The eagle clutching a scroll is a symbol of the President's Secret Book. It is a rumor, and does possibly exist. The President's Secret Book is a book for a president's set of (MORE)

Was manly p hall a freemason?

Manly Palmer Hall was initiated into Jewel Lodge #374 in the Grand  Lodge of California on June 28th, 1954, over thirty years after  publishing his book The Lost Keys of Fre (MORE)

Why did Laura call almanzo wilder manly?

She stated that she did not like Royal (his brother's) nicknames for him (Manzo and Mannie) and she would call him Manly. He in turn, called her Bess, as he already had a sist (MORE)
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Where do steller's sea eagles eagles live?

The Steller's Sea Eagle lives on the far eastern coast of Russia in  around the sea of Okhotsk. This eagle lives on coastlands, marshes,  rivers and swamps where fish is eas (MORE)
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What is an eagle?

The Eagle is a very large bird of prey. It's related to the falcon.Its Colors are brown and white. They have keen eye site for catching their prey.Eagles often nest on mountai (MORE)
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On average the Steller's sea eagle is the heaviest eagle in the world 15-20 lb average and large females can reached 26-28 lb Does it mean it's the world's Largest Eagle?

  If this figure is correct, It's heavier than the Harpy eagle, average weight 8-18 lb. Steller's sea eagle is indeed the largest living eagle in the world; In Zoology the (MORE)