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Who is Tamela Mann?

  Answer   Tamela J. Mann is an American actress and singer who has worked with Tyler Perry in all his stage plays. She also appeared on his first movie. Tamela Mann (MORE)

What is a surname?

A surname is your family name, sur coming from the French sur meaning over. It identifies all the people related to one another through male descent. In many cultures, the sur (MORE)

Who is Leslie mann?

Leslie Mann is a thirty nine year old actress, well known for her work in the movie Knocked up. Her first big role was in The Cable Guy in 1996, George of the Jungle, Big Dadd (MORE)
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What was the Mann Act?

The Mann Act, also known as The White-Slave Traffic Act, was passed on June 25, 1910 as a federal law. The act prohibited both white slavery and the interstate transportation (MORE)

What did the mann act do?

The Mann Act was enacted in 1910 to protect women and children. It  prohibited bringing children across state lines to engage in sexual  activities.

Is Horace Mann related to Logan Mann?

Horace Mann of Massachusetts took lead in education reform. To  Mann, public financing of education was essential for democracy to  work. He said:   "If we do not prepar (MORE)

What nationality is the surname Mann?

Wielding the mighty family motto that translates into "Firm in  adversity!", the proud and noble Scottish surname of Mann strides  through history from the Strathclyde-Brito (MORE)