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When is papaya season?

    Papayas are in their peak season from June until September, though they are available in supermarkets year round. They are usually harvested while still green, an (MORE)

What is papaya enzyme?

  (carica papaya) The parts used are mainly the fruit and the leaves, which the enzyme can be extracted from. Papaya mainly contains phytohemicals; benzaldehyde, beta-ca (MORE)

Is a papaya a fruit?

  Yes, in fact it is, papayas are the leading fruits of Mexico. It's a short, large herb, very delicious, tastes like peaches almost.

What is papaya?

The papaya is a large round fruit and eaten by millions around the  world. The doctor says it prevents cancer. But it is not profen so  far. The papaya tastes sweet and is c (MORE)

Where does papaya come from?

It's actual origin is totally unknown, because no one held register (in primordial ages) of where did they find for the first time a papaya tree. Researches believe that papay (MORE)

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