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Did the virgin Mary have any other children?

Sure she did. Obviously she was a virgin before giving birth to Jesus because that is what the bible says. The bible also says that Jesus had brothers Mt12:48, Mk3:32. Is th (MORE)

Who is the other Mary mentioned in the Bible?

Mary Magdaline, the poor woman whose name has forever become associated with being a prostitute due to botched mis-translations and deliberate obfuscation. Her real name was (MORE)

According to Hamilton how does greek mythology differ from folklore of other ancient cultures why does it differ?

Unlike many other ancient cultures the Greek gods were human shaped and human nature at heart, they loved, they pitied, they cried - they were not monsters that only hated and (MORE)

What is mythology?

Dictionary: the body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person. ---- Technically speaking, "mythology" is a collection of stories that serve as explana (MORE)

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Did Mary the mother of Jesus have other children?

Catholic / Orthodox / Catholic Anglican answer: no. Protestant answer: yes. Qualifier: 1 Corinthians 7:2-5 (New International Version, ©2011) "But since sexual immorality (MORE)

Did Joseph and Mary have other children?

The Bible mentions four brothers-Joses (presumably the eldest of  his brothers as named after Joseph), James (a disciple?), Simon  (not a disciple I don't think) and Judas ( (MORE)

Did Mary the mother of Jesus have other kids?

According to the way Protestant read the Scriptures, Mary had other children. Roman Catholics disagree with this, I believe. Matt 12:46-47 says 46 While Jesus was still talki (MORE)

How did Marie Curie inspire others?

She was able to inspire others because even though she died because of it, she was able to discover a new element called radium. She was able to make a huge contribution to th (MORE)