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Where is the first apparition of Virgin Mary?

The first apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary would be in 40 AD when she appeared to St James the Greater. St James had traveled to Spain to convert those he encountered and (MORE)

When is the latest apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

The latest was March 2, 2011 message from Our Lady to Mirjana in Medjugorje   Roman Catholic AnswerThe latest approved (by the Church) apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary (MORE)

Is Medjugorje an approved apparition site?

Medjugorje has not been condemned and has not been approved. It is still in the discernment stage. Many conversions and graces have been given from Our Lady of Peace in Medjug (MORE)
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What is Macbeths reaction to the apparitions?

Macbeth believes that he has nothing to worry about. The first apparition told him to beware Macduff, but the next two apparitions make him feel as if he does not need to worr (MORE)
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How did Macbeth react to the three apparitions?

He's excited and enthusiastic about them. He wants to ask them questions but the witches won't let him. Each message is quickly analysed to see what it means for Macbeth. He r (MORE)
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Why do ghost apparitions happen?

  I think this happens because there is something there that they really need to finish. You could try this: Turn everything in your house off and sit down. Then say t (MORE)
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What is Macbeth's reaction to the three apparitions?

When Macbeth first meets the witches, he doesn't think much of what they've said until he is given the title of Thane of Cawdor which was the witches' second prophecy. This en (MORE)
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Who was macbeths apparition?

The apparitions came out of the Witches Brew , so, in a sense were hallucinations. In the movie directed by Polanski, the war lord of the title- DRANK the entire concoction in (MORE)