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Who is Marjorie Levesque?

Marjorie Levesque is a Canadian fashion model, born October 9, 1987. She appeared as the fictional girlfriend of Gavin DeGraw in his 2011 music video for "Not Over You."
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Who are Natalie wood' s children?

Natalie Wood had two daughters: Natasha Gregson (born September 29, 1970) with Richard Gregson, and Courtney Wagner (born March 9, 1974) with Robert Wagner.
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Who were Thomas Jefferson' s children?

Children (with wife Martha Wayles) : Martha (1772-1836), Jane  Randolph (1774-1775), infant son (1777), Mary (1778-1804), Lucy  Elizabeth I (1780-1781), Lucy Elizabeth II (1 (MORE)

What does marjorie mean?

Marjorie or Margery is from Margaret, from the Old French Marguerite, from the Latin Margarita, from the Greek margarites: a pearl.
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RL is famous childrens author?

Possibly you mean Robert Louis Stevenson, author of 'Treasure Island' and many others.   how about RL Stine - wrote Goosebumps books   Indeed, and there are probably oth (MORE)