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Where is marlborough in New Zealand?

Marlborough is a Province and lies in the north east of the South Island. Provinces are only of historic importance in NZ, apart from sporting teams.
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How many people are there in Marlborough school?

well personaly i already got my own in my backyard. last week when i was walking home i noticed a whole in my carpet. As i hit it with my shovel something occured to me, It wa (MORE)

What is the Marlborough college uniform?

In the Lower School: Girls wear: black shoes and tights blue/green kilts white shirts with very thin blue stripes (same as boys but fitted) and navy jumpers Boys wear: blac (MORE)
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Who was the Duke of Marlborough?

The first Duke of Marlborough was John Churchill. He is the founder or originator of the title that is still held in present day. John Churchill become the Earl of Marlborough (MORE)